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The perfect date for Valentine's Day

Bijoux de Saint-Valentin

Hello Valentines,

Welcome to our Valentine's Day "perfect date" !

We offer you 5 steps to capsize the tender heart of your half and some romantic gift ideas .

Come on, let's launch a little playlist of love songs on our favorite music platform and get into the warm and loving atmosphere of this famous day!

If this year for Valentine's Day , we were planning...

Step 1: Breakfast

To start a Tuesday on the right foot with a smile on the corner of your lips, what better than a hot and steaming coffee served with a smile and love. For the hungriest and most motivated, you can heat up the stoves or take a short detour to the bakery. Pancakes, fresh bread, fruit, toast, eggs… and so on.

No time to get out of bed? Why not prepare a little snack for his little 10 a.m. break? It's the best to warm up your body and heart while the thermometer shows 0.

Step 2: The flowers (1 or 3, 5, 7…)!

We remember that flowers come in odd numbers, of course...

As for the color, a delicate question, you will tell us! It depends on his tastes, the colors, the season.

“For color, there are some to avoid I think … but which ones?”

Each shade has various meanings, more or less flattering. Some notions :

Red for passion: a great classic!

Rose for tenderness

blue for poetry

white for purity

Green for the natural

Yellow for energy (and Joline jewelry )

Orange for the joy of living

No faux pas possible, then!

Seasonal flowers: tulip, camellia, freesia 

Photo bouquet of tulip flowers

If you find the flowers too ephemeral, why not a plant?

It's orchid season.

Tell yourself that Ashton Kutcher has offered a bouquet of carrots to Nathalie Portman for a rather original Valentine's Day gift . No limit to creativity.

Less chic, but funny when you want to get away from the great and unstoppable classics! Give your half a romantic and original gift for Valentine's Day .

Step 3: the little word (hidden)

It's stronger than a cute text message, but it doesn't cost more.

A little note slipped on the pillow, in the jacket pocket, the handbag, stuck on the bathroom mirror, on the car steering wheel, on his cell phone.

An infinity of possibilities where you can generate beautiful emotions: surprise, joy, ... and this feeling of heart melting.

With words of love, excerpts from songs, quotations, small drawings, ... let the poetry of a post it take you away!

Step 4: the heart pizza

This is our favorite this year at Maison Joline . Not really want to take the lead to put the small dishes in the big ones. Love in winter is also comforting yourself with a hot, simple dinner that you love.

The heart pizza meets all the conditions, so why deprive yourself of it?

You don't need to be a starred chef to succeed in dazzling your significant other!

For gourmets, prepare several and together.

All the follies are allowed: pineapple, anchovies, cheese, tofu, …

Tip: only add the cheese halfway through cooking, this will allow it to melt without overcooking (like our little hearts)

Step 5: the Joline jewel

It is said that the diamond is a woman's best friend. Certainly. But not the best friend of all wallets... Give him some pretty handmade jewelry for Valentine's Day!

Luck smiles on you because the Joline team has prepared a special “Time of Love” selection for you on the occasion of Valentine's Day . If you are in lack of gift ideas for Valentine's Day , the selection includes our iconic and timeless jewellery : mother-of-pearl, pearls or all gold. Our jewelry is handmade in 24 carat gold plated . I take advantage of it!

Joline Champagne Earrings

It is not essential to pull out all the stops, a little attention to the look of a fine and gilded jewel in 24 carat gold plated will be enough to illuminate this February 14th.

Our Joline surprise:

Choose a romantic gift for Valentine's Day that will make her crack! For 1€ in addition to your order, have the photo of your choice printed and receive it with the jewelry! I rush !

And if you already know your other half better than anyone (and better than us), you will find what you are looking for among all of our 24-carat gold-plated jewelry, handmade in our jewelry store in Strasbourg .

Make fun by offering a jewel for Valentine's Day among:

Our asymmetrical , iconic, pearly earrings, earcuffs, piercings & faux-piercings


Our fine necklaces , chockers, pearly, with pearls, asymmetrical

Our colorful, iconic, asymmetrical, pearly, pendant, beaded bracelets

You can also offer a personalized and unique jewel ! Like an initial necklace or a bracelet.

For the people of Strasbourg who read us, Valentine's Day is also celebrated in our jewelery store in Strasbourg ! Meet at our fancy jewelry store at 12 rue d'Arras, 67000 Strasbourg (10 minutes by tram from the city center).

We think that your Valentine's Day with such a program should be a great success.

Valentines, we leave you with Edith PIaf:

“It's wonderful when you're in love”

See you soon !


All our jewelry is imagined and assembled by our designer in our jewelry store in Strasbourg . All in a welcoming and warm shop-workshop near the city center of Strasbourg .


The delivery is offered to you from 70 euros of purchase (in Metropolitan France only).


Your payment on our online store is secure, you can choose from a multitude of payment methods. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ApplePay or Paypal. It's up to you !


Order without pressure, in addition to attentive customer service, all our handmade jewelry is guaranteed for one year! Enjoy!

By subscribing to our newsletter, keep up to date with Joline news . New collections, exclusive collaborations , exceptional offers online or in jewelery in Strasbourg , contests to be found every Wednesday morning in your mailbox! To subscribe to the newsletter, visit our website .


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