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Our Team Building Joline

Photo de notre team building chez Joline

Our Team Building Joline

This Thursday, February 9, 2023, the Joline team did not work!

We did not rest, quite the contrary! We participated in a Team Building organized by Auréline Schlienger, the designer of the brand, as well as Nicolas Angermuller, our coach for the day, directly in the Joline workshop.

Before going any further, a little clarification on what a Team Building is.

A Team Building is a unique moment of sharing to strengthen team cohesion. The ideal is to combine it with training to allow the development of new skills while having a good time.

Our Team Building focused on the MBTI, the most widely used personal development tool in the world today.

How does it help us at Joline?

It helps us to gain in well-being and performance on a daily basis. On the one hand by getting to know yourself better. On the other hand, by getting to know their collaborators better. The MBTI concepts even extend beyond the professional framework by providing a better work/personal life balance.

During this day, we discovered the 4 dimensions of the MBTI tool as well as their daily use (way of recharging one's batteries, stress management, collective decision-making, conflict resolution, etc.).

The objectives were:

  • Better self-knowledge
  • A better knowledge of other pretty
  • Optimize collective decision-making
  • And above all, the most important thing for us, have a good time!

Looks like our coach ticked all the boxes! Here's how our day went:

Morning: discovery and self-positioning of our team on the 4 dimensions of the MBTI; games and discussions.

Lunch break: exchange on our feelings of the first part of the day. We regained strength for the future!

Afternoon: discovery of the cognitive functions and behaviors under stress of the different profiles; Application of the MBTI method to optimize collective decision-making; Back on the day, time for discussions.

You will understand, it was a busy day!

The opinion of the pretty ones on this Team Building:

A cut that comes at the right time when the pace has been intense since December. With the addition of a new Joline, Alix Mabire, the team badly needed to find its new balance and prepare for Auréline's absence. An intense day, rich in emotions, but which did the four of us the greatest good (did you see this smile ???)

The team: Alix, Auréline, Caroline, Ilona

If you want to have more details on the course of our day, we invite you to read Nicolas' blog article .

As well as to discover his work: Nico Anger Coaching

A big thank you to Nico Anger Coaching, MBTI certified coach, for accompanying us during this day, always with dynamism, a smile and a good mood!

If you are a small business and you want to get to know yourself better and especially to get to know your team and how it works, don't hesitate any longer, go for it!

As for us, see you on Instagram for more Joline news as well as on Pinterest for #JolineDaily.

A+ the suns! ☀️


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