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Jewelry trends 2023

Article tendances bijoux 2023

Fashion trends 2023

While 2023 has only just woken up... we at Joline are already in the starting blocks to reveal the jewelry trends for 2023! We said to ourselves that to start this famous year on the right foot, we would like a little topo.


Rather than letting you wander randomly through the must-have Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other fashion-dedicated magazines, we've gone through the whole thing for you and here's what we remember...

Warning the eyes !

Here are the latest jewelry trends:

  • The heart

It is an arrow that the creators have received in the heart. Indeed, the great pundits of fashion seem to agree for once and especially for a form. That of what beats in your chest with each passing second... the heart.

Could this be the year of love songs? Lovers of romance?

Ooooh how cute… but a little kitsch don't you mind?

Not necessarily, Cosmo answers us, favoring this endearing pattern mainly in earrings. Everything is allowed for our pretty lobes (did you know that lobes grow throughout life?)

Simple, unequivocal, borderless. The heart has no gender, no color, does not take sides and everyone knows its meaning. Full balloon love, that's what 2023 seems to wish us.

And at Joline , we like that.

My little finger tells me that there may be hearts in one of the next collections. To be continued…

Second trend to which we are sensitive in the team:

  • The accumulation of jewelry

THE Jewelry Trend 2023 is the accumulation of jewelry. Why choose, when fashion offers us the possibility of wearing all our favorite jewels at the same time?

All art remains in the harmony of the whole.

On our wrists : the colored bracelets , of course. This trend has been rooted in customs for a long time.

Jewelry trends 2023 colored and golden bracelets

Around our necks : thin necklaces . More and more, leaving room for all lengths. Pearls, mother-of-pearl, chains, charms. The combinations are endless for a unique style every time.

Women's thin necklaces, accumulation trend

On the ears : the curls , of course. Asymmetrical , pearly, golden, colored earrings, as well as ear jewelry such as piercings , fake piercings / earcuffs .

Fake loulou piercing and Jessie earrings trends 2023

This is possible as long as you have visited the piercer more than once and your ears have the capacity to accommodate more than one pair of earrings . In this case, all madness is permitted. All the patterns too. Ears can become real traveling jewelry holders. In this season when our necks and wrists are sheltered from the cold, only the ears can reveal all their assets.

And finally

  • Knuckle rings

This is THE 2023 ring trend of recent times when it comes to accumulation.

Like curls, they are the stars of winter! Weekly ring , pearly, beaded etc.

The Les Eclaireuses website gives us a few tips to shine all the way to your fingertips! As always, anything is possible as long as we remain consistent in our ring associations.

Joline's little favorites this year would be knuckle rings . We are fans of always more… so, do we validate?

Louise gold plated ring

  • The CHOKERS: trendy thin necklaces in 2023

Kesako? Translation: chokers. Sweet memories for those who grew up in the 90s. While back then we had the whole rainbow of plastic choker necklaces to dress up all of our dazzling outfits, here we are 30 years later with the return of the trend.

How to wear them? Betting on materials… less plastic, as you can imagine. And more qualitative. Like for example the 24-carat gold-plated chains from Joline Atelier. 

Joline gold-plated pearl necklaces

Pearls, mother-of-pearl, rhinestones, color are added to it and everything seems allowed for our thirty-year-old jewel.

Easy to wear with all necklines, it can be combined with longer thin necklaces .

A latest trend?

  • Engravable/customizable jewelry

What does Grazia not tell us in its 2023 trend analysis? The jewels of the year are customizable and … luck smiles on you once again when you come across our selection of jewels to engrave : initial bracelet or necklace.

Our jewels are customizable , engraved with a diamond tip. Choose an initial, word or symbol.

Gold plated personalized initial necklace

If you can't find what you're looking for, write to us at so that we can discuss your project together and find the best solution. Otherwise, check out our selection that will blow you away!

In conclusion…

If you have to remember what will make 2023 rhyme with originality:

My little finger tells me that Joline is in on it again this year.

With that, dear readers, … happy 2023!

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