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Take care of your jewelry as summer approaches!

Bijoux collection printemps / été

Jewelry trend summer 2023: taking care of your jewelry

Soon, summer and its heat will point the tip of its nose, a news that is good for morale! But, are you ready to take care of your beloved jewelry for the summer period? If you still have some doubts, now is the time to follow our advice! ☀️

Jewelry trends for summer 2023 & practical advice to protect them

Mother-of-pearl jewelry

Ultra trendy this summer 2023, mother-of-pearl jewelry is a must! Whether in the form of earrings, necklace or bracelet. Mother-of-pearl is ideal for bringing a bohemian and summery touch to all your looks. Plus, it will bring out your tan! We advise you for this summer the Cléa earrings or the Rome earrings to associate with the Diana necklace or the Vera necklace .

Clea earrings

Trendy jewelry summer 2023 Cléa earrings

To take care of your jewellery, avoid contact with sea salt.

Tip N°1: Sea salt, too aggressive?

Yes, sea salt attacks the plating of your jewelry, and that irreversibly. If you want to keep all the shine of your jewel, take it out to sea and store it carefully in its pouch. He can find you after your swim.

colorful jewelry

To bring a touch of pep to your outfit, you can wear colored pearls like the Dakota necklace matches with the Bella bracelet . With their multicolored pearls, this set will make you shine.

The Dakota necklace

Trendy Dakota Necklace 2023

But can I use sunscreen while wearing my jewelry?

Tip N°2: Yes, jewelry and sunscreen are compatible

Whether chemical or natural, sunscreens are perfectly compatible with your jewelry. The 24-carat plating, i.e. 3 microns, guarantees optimal hold. You can tan quietly wearing your Joline jewelry ☀️

Fine necklaces: trendy jewelry this summer 2023

Fine chain jewelry is still in fashion for this summer of 2023. Whether it's fine tassel necklaces, chokers or all-gold earrings. They will bring a touch of subtle elegance to your summer outfits. For this, we recommend the Inès necklace with the Joy bracelet , or the Carla necklace with the Celeste bracelet .

The Ines necklace

Trendy Inès necklace 2023

Can I keep my jewelry at the pool?

Tip N°3: Wear your jewelry at the pool in moderation

You can swim in the pool and enjoy a few lengths, our jewelry is water resistant. However, beware of chlorine which can alter the quality of the plating, rinse your jewelery with clear water after swimming.

Tip N°4: The right way to travel with your jewelry

Ideally, your jewelery should be carefully stored in its Joline pouch. As a reminder, our pouch prevents your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled. If you are traveling loaded, you can store a maximum of three jewels in a pouch. Thus, they will be protected during all your travels or trips.

There you go, you are ready to fully enjoy your vacation. And to have the most beautiful jewelry on the beach, discover our new collection ! 🍋


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