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Box DIY idée création boucles d'oreilles

DIY BOX - Nine Loops

Joline diversifies.

But why will you tell us?

Quite simply because like everyone else, we are designed to be multi-taskers. We wanted to go further and follow our desires for the brand, to explore new horizons.

We could be content with the creation and sale of jewelry. Each design step pleases us and enriches us with each new collection. The creation of jewelry is the very essence of Joline. Only, after 3 years of collections, adventures, personal and professional investments, a new location and always more novelties... Are we able to offer you more?

The answer is yes.

Our ambition beyond that of creating, is to transmit our know-how and our passion. With this idea we started by offering you creative workshops at Maison Joline. The idea was to create with you and guide you in making unique jewelry that looks like you.

With the success of the creative workshops , we have seriously considered the question of transmission. We wanted to contribute in our own way to your well-being and bring the seed of creativity to you.

At Joline, we thrive through the creation of jewelry, sewing, drawing, writing, photography. So many desires that pushed us to create our very first DIY Joline box, in the continuity of our creative workshops .

The DIY Box , where did the idea come from?

It all started with the creation of the creative workshops , by Auréline in 2022, following requests, an intuition and a desire. Our concept of creative workshops is to have a good time while making a jewel.

We know that spending 2 to 3 hours with strangers practicing an unknown creative activity can be a real social adventure.

How about being able to do the same thing at home, on a Sunday afternoon, sipping a coffee or a lemonade. Tempting, right?

At Joline, we think all the answers are right. At Maison Joline or at home, in the middle of the day or at night, with friends or just with yourself, everyone has their own preferences! In any case, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at creating jewelry, always with all our instructions to guide you.

This is the journey that led to our DIY project (and which is very close to our hearts).

Tools Box DIY earrings

What is the concept ?

We create a jewel with as little material as possible, and material that you all already have at home, for an easy diy . We send you everything that will make up the jewel: thread, pearls, chain, creole, and others depending on the jewel.

We create a paper guide and a video tutorial to guide you in the best way possible.

All you have to do is settle in, gather the equipment, start the video, read the paper guide, and get started!

 What are the particularities of this DIY box , its strengths?

There are 5.

  • Same quality as our jewelry guaranteed. 24 carat gold plated. Water and life resistant. It's simple, we offer you the same products that we use to make jewelry.
  • No need for special pliers or special tools. Scissors and tweezers will suffice.
  • Accessible. The first diy box aims to be as simple as possible and as detailed as possible with the paper guide and the video tutorial.
  • Choice of colors. Several possibilities in the colors and we leave you the choice of two of them to constitute your box.
  • 2 pairs for the price of 1. We offer you the possibility of making 4 beaded rings and therefore of owning a pair of earrings in two different colors.

  • Why did you choose this model?

    Earrings are YOUR favorite jewelry, so we have chosen to create a DIY earrings . We took a model that you liked a lot: the Spritz loops.

    It is also necessary to choose a jewel that can be made without specific material and relatively simple (to begin with).

    A good start, that's what we thought it was!

    Nine earrings DIY manufacturing

    A single DIY box is not much all the same.

    We grant it to you. How do you know if you will be there? If you like it? This is our first step into the DIY world. We will be happy to create variants, new jewels, with different levels of difficulty later.

    Either way, stay tuned!

    Why do we think it's a good idea?

    Haven't we all said to ourselves at least once: "It's nice but frankly I can do it myself..."

    But I didn't because:

    • I don't have time: The realization of the loops of this first box only lasts 15 min!
    • I don't have the tools, not the material: Make beautiful earrings with the contents of our box and what you already have at home.
    • I don't want to invest too much just to try: Our box is only 45€.
    • I don't really know where to buy good products: Thanks to our box, you have everything you need, no need to buy more!
    • I find it hard to project myself, I don't know the manufacturing steps: We made a paper tutorial with all the steps for making the earrings. In addition, you can follow a subtitled Youtube video .

    Nine curls, here is our solution! The stars of our first box set.

    We hope you like this DIY box , we can't wait to hear your feedback!

    See you soon !


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