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Mother's Day & ... personalization

Gravure bijoux

Initial necklace for mother's day

Every year we want to offer a little attention to our super-moms, at Joline we offer you the initial necklace: ideal for a unique and meaningful gift for this special occasion!

The date of Mother's Day

In May I believe… End of May! Or is it early June?

The eternal question of all children and which invariably comes up every year. A bit like the date of the time change. We vaguely know the period, but who knows which Sunday is concerned.

Know that the rule is simple: it is the last Sunday of May.

Unless it is already Pentecost weekend. In this case, it will be the first weekend of June.

And then if you are convinced that you do not remember it: do like everyone else, remember May 20 as the date is approaching and look on your favorite search engine for the exact date.

The gift idea:

Once the subject of the date is settled, comes the problem of the gift.
This year, what can we bet on?

  • Disputant version: “It's a commercial party, anyway. Created from scratch by florists and jewelers”.
  • Minimalist version: a bouquet of wildflowers and a kiss. Simple, basic but effective. (except declared pollen allergy)
  • Edible version: the legendary pasta necklace, with 1001 possible shapes.
  • Sparkling version: a pretty piece of jewelery (hopefully Joline), which can even be personalized with an engraving.

But by the way, where does this party come from?

You are entitled to ask yourself...

Imagine that it is in fact the convergence of several events or traditions.

L'Express offers us a few details on these various origins by tracing the story. The most distant origins date back to Greek rites, and to Christian celebrations at the time of spring.

The party took shape on the American continent in the 19th century thanks to Julia Ward Howe. A few decades later in France, we celebrate mothers in Isère for “High maternal merit”.

The two wars then led to the officialization of this day in 1950. The law now specifies that “the French Republic officially pays tribute each year to French mothers. »

After this brief historical and cultural point, let's move on to the subject that brings us here: our favorites to please our mothers.

The essential personalized initial necklace

Because a mother is a woman. Yes, but not just any, it therefore deserves a special jewel. This is what we wanted to offer you at Joline. With our 3 customizable jewels you can create the jewel that will be made for her.

Initial and Hyacinth necklaces

Initial and hyacinth necklaces

The Amaryllis bracelet

Amaryllis customizable bracelet

They are all cumulative. Their shape is simple and timeless.

An important date, a word, a first name, a nickname, a heart. Our engraving machine will personalize the medallion you choose.

Thanks to the engraving of the initials that have meaning for you, the necklace becomes a symbol of love and family bond. Each time your mother wears the jewel, she will remember the affection and the deep bond that unites you.

You can contact us directly if you have a nice project in mind. From a software we create the pattern you want and we then program the machine so that the engraving is carried out with the diamond point.

And if engraved jewelery is not for you, find our collections of buckles, necklaces, bracelets and rings on our online site .

Treat yourself with a thoughtful necklace that expresses the love and appreciation you have for your mom, and will always remind her how much she means to you.


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