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Gold plated, gold filled, gilded with fine gold how to find your way around?

Le goldfilled, le plaqué or

With a huge choice of materials, how do you find your way around?

We decipher everything here!

First step, find out about all the subjects offered. At Joline , we work with 24 carat gold-plated brass and gold filled. Brass, or "yellow copper" is a metal alloy essentially composed of copper and zinc. Both malleable and solid, it is the material that best supports gold plating. Guaranteed free of nickel, lead and cadmium, our brass complies with European REACH legislation.

Second step, understand the different types of veneer.

What is fine gold gilding? (resistance +)

Fine gold gilding is a plating technique that consists of covering a piece of jewelery with a thin layer of gold. This type of jewelry is generally more fragile than gold-plated.

What is Gold Plating? (resistance ++)

Very often, we find the name "gold plated" for any metal covered with a layer of gold, without taking into account the thickness or the purity. However, for the gold-plated designation to be valid, a minimum of 3 microns or 24 carats is required. At Joline, all our gold-plated jewelry has a minimum of 3 microns, which makes it resistant and shiny. We offer you a multitude of jewelry: rings, asymmetrical and classic earrings, fine and colorful necklaces, fake piercings, piercings...

To keep them shining, put them to sleep in your Joline pouch whenever you're not using them.

What is gold-filled? (resistance +++)

Gold-filled is the thickest form of gilding. The gold-filled manufacturing technique involves covering a metal base with a solid layer of gold. The qualities of this material are numerous: it is an economical alternative to solid gold, durable and water resistant (always be careful with salt). Where to find the gold filled? Our rings are mostly made with this material, because they require a more resistant plating.

More generally, we offer alternatives to pure gold so that you can afford quality jewelry at a reasonable price according to your desires and according to the seasons. We guarantee you unique pieces, imagined and created in Franc with love, at very low prices!

All the materials are to be found in the description of our jewels. We hope these little details have helped you to see things more clearly.

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All our handmade jewelry is imagined and assembled by our designer in our jewelry store in Strasbourg . All in a welcoming and warm shop-workshop near the city center of Strasbourg. Discover our fine necklaces , rings , colorful bracelets , asymmetrical earrings , fake piercings , earcuffs and other ear jewelry.


The delivery is offered to you from 70 euros of purchase (in Metropolitan France only).


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Order without pressure, in addition to attentive customer service, all our handmade jewelry in our jewelry store in Strasbourg is guaranteed for one year! Enjoy! Of 24-carat gold-plated quality , your jewelry is water resistant and will follow you everywhere. Fine earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.


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