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Entrepreneurship and maternity leave 🍼

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How to prepare for your morning leave when you are an entrepreneur

Today, a somewhat special subject addressed to working moms, girl bosses, women entrepreneurs. In short, you will have understood it, we are going to talk about maternity leave and entrepreneurship with Auréline, the creator and founder of our Joline brand.

You can also find the entire interview on video , available on Linkedin and Instagram .

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Maternity leave video interview

  • Did you have any fears or apprehensions at the start of your pregnancy?

Auréline (CEO and creator): Even though Joline takes up a lot of space in my life, I've always dreamed of becoming a mother and having a family. One day I would necessarily reconcile the two, I had to find a way to do things and organize myself. We are many in this case, with women from all walks of life who do it very well! I told myself that I would also find my own method.

A lot of things had to be rearranged. At the beginning of my pregnancy, there were three of us in the Joline team, including two alternates. This management part, I did not necessarily know how to manage it by being absent because I am responsible for the proper functioning of the team. Also, the second big point was to make enough stock of jewelry to ensure orders for the duration of maternity leave, since I will no longer be there to manufacture (our handmade jewelry in Strasbourg in our workshop). I would say that was my biggest fear. In the end, I was very lucky because I was able to continue working until the end, I was always present for the Joline team and that also gave me time to organize everything.

  • What choices did you have to make to ensure the months of mat leave?

First, the choice to reduce our stock of jewelry on our website to focus on mass production of our best-sellers . Then, reduce the number of projects, even if we released our new spring collection (92 collection), we focused on the essentials to continue to bring the brand to life normally. I was extremely lucky with the arrival of Alix, since she comes to ensure the transition, take care of the management and the project management.

Regarding the management of the jewelry store in Strasbourg , it will be Ilona and Caroline who will take care of the customers and ensure sales, nothing changes! And for the management of online orders, it's the same.

  • What helped you feel confident about your choices?

I feel well surrounded, with Jordan (partner Joline Atelier ) we discussed maternity leave a lot and with the whole team also to anticipate as much as possible. The fact of being able to discuss all this with people in whom I have total confidence, it allows us to approach the future much more calmly. I also listened to the Bliss podcasts, I saw that there were solutions that existed, that reassured me.

  • How is the Joline team organized during your absence?

For the management of the jewelry store in Strasbourg , Caroline and Ilona will welcome you for the duration of the maternity leave. Orders will be shipped within 24 to 72 hours maximum. As for Alix, she will take care of the overall management and the team from Rennes. For all personalized jewelry requests , you will have to wait for my return in June.

  • With all the preparation you've done, what would you change and what would you say to the Auréline of 8 months ago?

I think I'll focus on the essential projects instead, start making the jewelry stock earlier, and learn to trust more. In December, I felt very stressed because I didn't yet have a solution for my departure on maternity leave and I didn't know that Alix was going to join us. I felt confused, then finally the arrival of Alix put things back in order. It was our lucky star for 2023!

I'm aware that I'm not going to stop 100%, because I love my job and my team, but I also know that I'm going to be in contact with the girls, so in the end it's reassuring.

  • What are your tips for helping entrepreneurs prepare for their mat leave?

The ideal is to review all the projects and discuss with the team, to fully understand their fears and to discuss around that. Do not hesitate to pause certain projects and above all to do it early enough to have time to approach things calmly.

  • When is your return scheduled?

I will be back in early June. It will first be a half-time return, then later as the summer progresses I will return to 100%. That's good because summer is always a little quieter. This will allow us to prepare for the start of the school year and new projects!

Finally, I would say that entrepreneurship and maternity leave are not incompatible, certainly they are very intense lives but which can be done simultaneously. Make sure you are well surrounded and above all, approach events with confidence, you are capable of it!

Thank you Auréline for answering these questions about maternity leave.

Dear readers, we hope you enjoyed this interview and answered some of your questions. In the meantime, the entire Joline team wishes Auréline a wonderful maternity leave. We can't wait to find her in her new life as a mom!

As for us, we are listening to your questions. See you in jewelery in Strasbourg and on our social networks.

See you soon !


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