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How Joline was born ☀️

L'histoire des bijoux Joline Atelier

Joline: jewelery shop in Strasbourg

Birth of the Joline jewelry store in Strasbourg

Joline is a benevolent jewelry brand, handmade with love in our boutique-workshop in Strasbourg. All our jewels are designed in 24 carat gold plated, i.e. 3 microns. They are water resistant and will follow you every day in all your adventures.

We offer you unique and solar pieces filled with poetry. Our jewelry combines refinement and quality. Joline is luminous, golden jewelry, meaningful and to be offered for any occasion!

Carefully chosen, the raw materials come from French or European suppliers and manufacturers for the most part. In addition, our jewelry is 24 carat gold plated and gold filled, guaranteeing resistance and shine.

Back to the beginnings of the brand to get to know us better!

My name is Auréline, I'm 29 years old and I created Joline out of passion in 2020. If I had to sum up Joline, I would say that it was first a click, then a big leap into the unknown! Being a packaging engineer for 3 years, I wanted to learn new things, I wanted adventure and above all, I needed to create. The idea of ​​founding a jewelry brand had already been in my head for a few years, I assembled colored beads and golden chains myself to please myself. But when the ideas multiply, you have a stable job and the fear of change appears, what really tips the scales?

What was decisive in the creation of Joline is that I was able to surround myself with relatives who believed in my project. It helped me turn the corner and become an entrepreneur, but also a creator. I resumed my studies and at the same time I drew my first models of jewelry on paper. 6 months later, Joline was born. The very first Wild Flowers collection was released on May 08, 2020. Today, we are already at the 17th collection called the 92's collection and with an 18th one getting ready! Our second collaboration with Lenadorable: Rise & Shine .

Since 2021, we have been two in the team in addition to two partners. Auréline is the creator and CEO of Joline. Ilona joined Joline after a Bachelor in Graphic Design. Today she is Artistic Director and manages the digital creation of the brand. Our ambition is to create more than a jewelry brand. We want to bring a universe of confidence where women feel beautiful, strong, radiant, with personalized and unique jewelry for each woman.

The creation of the first Joline jewelry store in Strasbourg

In 2022, the first Joline store was born in Strasbourg! We have moved the Joline premises to Strasbourg in the Quinze district near the Orangerie. Today in addition to being an online store we welcome you to our jewelry store! With our selection of carefully chosen jewelry, we are happy to welcome you to our La Maison Joline jewelry store at 12 rue d'Arras 67000 Strasbourg.

Whether you're looking for thin necklaces, chokers, colorful bracelets or asymmetrical or classic earrings, piercings and fake piercings, you've come to the right place! Our team is there to advise you so that you find your happiness.

The team has also grown with the arrival of Caroline in Digital Marketing Master who becomes Marketing Manager. Then in 2023, Alix joins us! After a degree in civil engineering and 7 years of experience as a works manager! Auréline's right-hand man, she takes care of project management, team management and the entire Joline organization.

Jewelery shop Joline Strasbourg

And because we're writing Joline's story together, don't hesitate to send us feedback on our blog! You can also come and chat on instagram: @joline_atelier , or come visit us at Maison Joline at 12 rue d'Arras 67000 in Strasbourg!

See you soon 🥰

They talk about us...


All our jewelry is imagined and assembled by our designer in our jewelry store in Strasbourg . All in a welcoming and warm shop-workshop near the city center of Strasbourg .

Unique, handmade jewelry

Before being manufactured, the models are drawn in sketchbooks. The elements are then assembled by hand in our workshop, which makes each piece unique.


With the aim of minimizing the impact of the packaging on the environment, each jewel is housed in a reusable fabric pouch.


The delivery is offered to you from 70 euros of purchase (in Metropolitan France only).


Your payment on our online store is secure, you can choose from a multitude of payment methods. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ApplePay or Paypal. It's up to you !


Order without pressure, in addition to attentive customer service, all our handmade jewelry is guaranteed for one year! Enjoy!

By subscribing to our newsletter, keep up to date with Joline news . New collections, exclusive collaborations , exceptional offers online or in store, contests to be found every Wednesday morning in your mailbox! To subscribe to the newsletter, visit our website .



Une belle aventure lancée pendant le 1er confinement qui doit son succès à la ténacité, la volonté et au dynamisme de sa créatrice. Fruit de belles rencontres, Joline a une jolie histoire et des idées et des projets à foison!
Bravo tout simplement !


Super article ! Continuez comme ça les filles ❤️

Ilona Guiot

Ravie d’avoir pu rejoindre l’aventure en 2021 ! De magnifiques choses arrivent ☺️

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