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Spring collection 92

Collection bijoux printemps 92

Spring jewelry 92

Our jewelry for spring!

March 15, here we are 5 days from the beginning of spring. As the buds attempt a gentle exit, at Joline Atelier we have prepared well for one of our favorite seasons.

We are not going to explain to you what spring is. But for us, it's a sign of renewal. Nature is moving again, ending its hibernation and revealing its colors to us. The days are getting longer, the terraces are filling up, the parks are getting greener and we appreciate being able to put on our superstar sunglasses!

It's just those little things that make us enjoy this time of year so much. So many reasons that make us want to put our noses outside and smile on our faces. Spring 2023 will not escape it because as for every season we have thought and created a new collection of 24-carat gold-plated jewelry to adorn you from ears to nose.

This collection is the first to mark the new collaboration between Auréline and Alix. It celebrates their friendship and their year of birth, 1992.

Laughter, energy, and heart, that's all we put into it.

But 92 also symbolizes the entire decade of the nineties where the looks were peppy and explosive in color.

It's a selection of 24-carat gold-plated jewelry that we wanted to be fun, colorful, that will make your outfits more dazzling. While our pale skin is waiting for the melanin to activate a little and make us look better, we are offering you shades that will bring out the pink in your cheeks. Healthy glow effect guaranteed!

But by the way, how do you create a spring jewelry collection?

No very square diagram, very military methodology but a global organization common to all our collections. It can start in several ways.

The starting point can be: a place, an atmosphere, a theme, an object. But also a new form of jewelry or simply the feeling that the next season inspires in us.

We then group our ideas in a board on Pinterest . During this stage, you should not skimp on the proposals, the more there are, the more ideas you secrete. We need to stimulate our creative minds. Putting our sense of aesthetics to the test. In short, bet on brainstorming to bring our ideas to fruition.

Then we gather around a table with all the material a month before the official release of the collection. And it's time to make. We try combinations of pearls, mother-of-pearl, chains and tassels. We try everything that seems interesting to us: fine necklaces, asymmetrical earrings, earcuffs, fake piercings , etc. It's the most fun part of our job. We create and we try on us right away. To validate, adjust the shot, or drop the idea that suddenly doesn't seem so good.

What do we think is a good idea? The question that keeps coming up is "is it Joline ?" ". The real question then becomes: how do you define what is Joline and what is not?

The answer is built through many questions:

  • Do we find ourselves in these creations?
  • Are we ready to wear them?
  • Will we feel proud seeing them on others?
  • Do we believe it? Is it trendy?
  • Are our desires and inspirations of the moment well translated by what we have managed to create?

With so many questions… The answers are multiple. As multiple as the people who design the collection.

We give a little piece of each of us to build this collection. Put your stamp on it, hoping that our tastes match yours. That you will be seduced and that you will seduce yourself by wearing our jewelry. Because our job lies in this hope, that of pleasing, and above all to oneself.

Back to our jewelry collection.

After having created a multitude of models, comes a time of reflection, of maturation in our choices and perhaps even a second episode of creation. Once the jewelry has been chosen, we have to decide what type of photo shoot we are going to organize: the decor, the models.

Spring 92 jewelry collection necklace

Choosing Spring Jewelry Collection Names

We analyze their composition, we create product sheets on the website. In short, we are getting into battle order for the release which is fast approaching.

A process that is repeated 4 times a year. It's stimulating and invigorating to renew yourself so regularly. This gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to clarify and affirm our style of jewelry, in particular asymmetrical jewelry and fine necklaces .

Assortment of vera and lucia necklaces

The 92 collection is available online as well as in store at 12 rue d'Arras in Strasbourg.

We sincerely hope that this collection will please you as much as we do. We had a lot of fun creating it and shooting it, we'll get even more when we see you wearing it with pride.

It's time to dare to wear what you find so beautiful on others.

If they make you dream, it's because you deserve to wear them!

Be yourself, your way.

See you soon in a new blog post! In the meantime, find the Joline team on our social networks Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest , TikTok .


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