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The new adjustable rings

Bagues 24 carats iconiques

The new 24 carat rings

Our 24 carat gold rings:

While the names of our rings take you on a tour of the garden in the heart of spring, at Joline, we thought we'd rather take you on a tour of the workshop. To explain how, with our little hands, we can create these iconic rings .

They are called: Lavender , Peony , Marguerite and Sun.

These rings have a special feature, they are adjustable (and we love that)!

Perfect for all fingers and for all seasons.

Very resistant to water, they are 24 carat gold plated.

Adjustable 24 carat sun ring
24 carat daisy ring
24 carat gold adjustable lavance ring
24 carat adjustable peony ring

Why this idea?

After offering asymmetrical earrings, fine necklaces and gold chocker necklaces , fake piercings, earcuffs, handmade pearl bracelets … why not offer rings ?

However, making iconic rings brings a big problem: the size. Beyond having to manufacture in multiple sizes, it is necessary for customers to know their finger size. Something quite uncommon these days. Imagine your frustration when, upon receipt of your order, you find that the size ordered is not the most suitable.

It is of course possible to measure your finger circumference yourself. Our friend Google will tell you to take a string and wrap your finger around it, mark the intersection and then measure the length. Simple, you will tell us.

Simple but approximate. Not to mention that it may depend on the type of ring whether it is a soft chain ring or a rigid gold-filled wire ring. If your fingers have wide knuckles, if they tend to be conical.

So many complex parameters to manage at the risk of creating disappointment with our customers and for the Jolines, this is neither desired nor desirable.

This is how the beautiful idea of ​​adjustable rings was born.

Although we have bet so far on very fine jewelry, the style of our rings seemed to us to fit perfectly into the radiant universe of Joline.

The first born.

Before embarking on floral patterns (very Joline-compatible), we bet on a safe bet: hammered with all its facets that reflect light.

Lavender was born. Like our Agathe bangle bracelet, our Lavender ring is hammered by hand in the heart of our jewelry boutique in Strasbourg. Each of them is therefore unique.

How is an iconic ring made?

It all starts with small brass plates. They are cut and engraved directly in our workshop.

We have an engraving machine that allows us to create all the designs of our creative minds: suns, peonies, daisies… and many more!

Next step: the gilder

Our 2023 trendy rings are heading to our beautiful capital to meet our gilding specialist. They will be delicately bent and then plunged into a gold bath. Lucky little girls! They come out sparkling, making the sun pale.

They then return to Maison Joline and pass under the expert eye of our founder Auréline, and after validation, will wait patiently to join your pretty little fingers.

And the patterns, where do they come from?

From our legendary Ilona, ​​who knows how to put in lines, curves and features all our artistic whims!

Like any Joline project, it starts with an idea that takes us to the drawing. Engraving tests are absolutely essential to check the line width and depth.

Creation, in all areas, is very iterative and time-consuming work. You have to learn patience and perseverance. Everything is then transferred to the software that controls the engraving machine.

It is necessary to configure the machine and tell it what it has to engrave: what exact position, what depth. This is not the time for mistakes, this meticulous work requires concentration and attention.

Why do we love them so much?

Argument 1 : They are 24 carat gold plated , 3 microns, water resistant and life resistant. Take care of them and they will pay you back!

Argument 2 : They fit. Today you want to wear your ring on your index finger? It's possible ! The only limit of this ring is your imagination.

Argument 3 : It's very simple, they go with everything. And we, the Jolines, like to be able to wear our favorite jewelry often, even every day.

Argument 4 : THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Yes, you can call this self-congratulation, too bad. The patterns, we fell madly in love with them!

Argument 5 : They accompany your other thinner Joline rings by creating contrast thanks to their thickness!

Now it's up to you to discover your favorite with Lavender, Peony, Daisy, Sun.

And for the Strasbourg women who read us, come and try our rings directly at our jewelery shop in Strasbourg at: 12 rue d'Arras

See you soon at the pretty ones!


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